Love of plants and nature is how and why Landscape St. Louis began.  It may be hard to explain what separates good planting design from the placement of plants without a purpose or mere decoration, but when you see them you certainly can tell the difference.

Our objective with every one of our landscape plantings is the same; we strive to create a symbiotic relationship with nature and the architecture of a client’s home or business.  This is achieved through knowledge we garner about our clients needs, desires, lifestyle, natural surrounding and site limitations.

The ultimate goal for Landscape St. Louis is to balance aesthetics and functionality to welcome your guests and elevate all of your outdoor experiences.


Dear Ron,
Every single time your guys are here, I am eager to write you a note. It has been another spectacular day at our homestead.

Lovely men doing work they enjoy and take great pride in.
Your crews are 100% polite, appropriate, charming, funny, and helpful.

Ron, you and Jeff are at the core of this and I am mighty thankful…..this place has evolved into the scene I had envisioned. More to come!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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